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Celebrities like you

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Elle MacPherson, gorgeous Australian model and actress.
Shoe size 11.5
Height 6′


Welcome Big Feet Girls

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I started this blog because I have big feet and I wanted to reach out to all the other girls who do as well. It truly sucks when our feet don’t fit into the “normal” size of shoes that’s offered in every store. I’m about a size 10 1/2 pushing 11. If you are a size 9 or below, this site isn’t for you. If you’re a size 9, don’t hate, appreciate! My foot size is such a discomfort because I’m only 5″7 and it seems unproportionate to have such big feet. Those sizes are usually saved for the girls pushing 6″! I have tried hiding it and fighting the fact my feet don’t exactly fit my body, but it has began to make me appreciate the great qualities that I have and not to put my feet into the “bad” category. Why should I hate my feet so much that I want to hide them because I feel cursed with them? My true mission in making this blog is to possibly reach out to common people so that they know they’re not the only one. For me, it’s not even the look of them that gets me down, it’s the fact that the only damn place I can find 10 or above is online! Are stores embarrassed to admit that Americans sometimes have big feet? Do they think they won’t sell? It’s so frustrating when the only shoe you can find in a larger size is just plain ugly. I hope that this blog helps you feel comfortable with your beautiful feet and appreciate them the way that I’m learning to. Enjoy!